Two days left until Halloween, you still haven’t carved that pumpkin, figured out what your making for the party or even stocked up on candy yet because you know that you will end up eating all the leftovers.From Halloween cupcakes to last minute DIY decorations, Appareled Abode had it covered.

halloween-crafts-2012-02 DIY BATS

  • Empty baby-food jars, labels removed
  • Black paint
  • Black construction paper
  • Purple glitter
  • Buttons

1. Paint jars and lids black.

2. Cut two identical scalloped wings and two small triangles, or “bat ears,” out of black paper.

3. Cover the edge of the wings and triangles with glue, then sprinkle with purple glitter.

4. Glue two buttons to the front for eyes, wings to the back of the jar, and ears to front of the lid.




Always wondered how your neighbors got those spooky eyes peeking out of their bushes? Here DIY Network teaches you how!

How about decorating your toilet paper for your costume party? Here is a great way to surprise your guests when they have to go.



Spoonful shows us how to create these crafty rolls but just make sure you have uncrafted rolls for your guests to actually use and these are just decoration.




Learn how to make these great Spider Sacks by visiting Modern Parents Messy Kids!


Who doesn’t love cupcakes and treats?!  Here are our favorite sugar filled indulgences with a Spooky twist.


I love Every Day Occasions by Jenny Steffens Hobick and her Ghost Meringue Cupcakes are a huge hit. They almost look too good to eat but you won’t be able to resist!




Ms. Spider Cupcake these are for the more advanced baker (which doesn’t include me) but I would be happy to eat them! These would be cute placed on a cake dish covered in webbing.



 This Halloween Party Mix recipe is perfect for that last minute baker.




 What’s a party without a little Vampire Punch? Feeling ghoulish? Spike it!

What are your favorite Halloween Recipes and DIY’s?


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